Modification - Stabilizers bars

Front strut bar
Rear lower bar
Rear left member brace
Rear right member brace
Front member brace
Engine cover gets drilled to accommodate front member brace
Original lower front bar shows Peugeot acknowledges such things
Front and rear stabilizers were added to cut out that floating feeling experienced in the stock Peugeot 407. The stock lower front bar was retained since it compliments the engine cover. Even the mechanic said the original was good enough. A 4-point front member brace was the last bar to be added but only after the engine cover was drilled to allow access. Coming home, I had the opportunity to test the car on the outer loop from the Federal Highway into Subang Jaya from Klang at a speed past 90kph, the car took it superbly. It is really difficult to put into words the experience felt before and after the modifications were done, the best I can think of is wearing a loose pair of trousers with and without a belt. Is it worth the investment? If you are the rear passenger and demand more comfort, if you enjoy a more stable ride eventhough the car is driven slowly or just like me, a driver's driver...yes! This completes the road-holding modification for my ride.

OK we found the rat that caused that intermittent noise and had the
exhaust pipe 
lifted so as not to touch the stabilizer. That solved it!

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